I know I’ve said it before….but things happen to us that don’t happen to normal people   Case in point?    Tell me if ANY of your have had THIS happen to you,,,,

so I’m standing in my front room last month. (Front room, and kitchen are open to each other to enhance family togetherness….I know….but it seemed appealing at the time…) and I hear a huge crash in the kitchen.  I spin around….cause I’m so very light on my feet….and see tom and the children staring…with mouths open….in the direction of the kitchen sink.   I slowly….with much apprehension…..shift my gaze to the same area and am rendered speechless.   Tom looks at me incredulously and says “well honey…..apparently the DOUBLE STICK TAPE they used to mount our sink under the granite has just expired.”   He is, of course,

kidding…..commercial adhesive was used by the professionals who installed the sink.    But as I look at the hole where my sink was….and see it sitting 3 feet below the lovely opening in the granite created especially for it, I have to ask myself if indeed there is a possibility double stick tape was used!   SEE??????   Have you EVER heard of this happening to anyone? Anywhere? Ever??    Well…the real nightmare has only just begun….

my dear fixer upper spouse decides that in order to not bother the granite dudes, he will repair this himself.   What????  I decide this is a lovely time to head to my bedroom and leave the scene,     Big mistake,    Had i been there, I might have been able to point out that the CONCRETE BLOCK used to prop up the sink might have been a hazard to the plastic plumbing lines what with all the sharp ragged edges!   Well, the sink is now propped on two concrete blocks and a two by four.   Um….at an angle.    Yes.   This does in fact make it next to impossible for the sink to completely drain.  So several days later, we discover that the pipes have been “scratched” and are leaking all over the inside of the cabinet…..and we also discover  what my children are referring to as a “big ole HERD” of fruit flies has now taken up residency in the sink.      Really?????    I swear this is not normal on any level.   I will say that we have now fixed things.    Sink is finally back in place…..herd of fruit flies has relocated to another poor souls home and its even level and draining!    Course we are all scaredmtomsit more than a tiny salt shaker in it.    You gotta admit this is not even close to being routine !


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