So….as most of you know….I am not a sales person. I love to paint and play in my shop and Rethunk things…but I am rotten at returning calls…I forget to list dimensions….I am just a rotten sales person. Sales of my fabulous pieces have been very slow lately….which i blame entirely on you of course….BUT….my husband is amazing! I have decided i should learn some tips from him. He is a regional sales manager covering 12 states and he’s great at what he does! Examples you ask? Not long ago he was up before the sun working away. Headed to a manufacturing plant where they made some sort of food product so for the meeting, tom was required to don a jaunty shower cap thingy. To protect the plant from his constantly falling out hairs I assume? Well…unlike me…he threw caution to the wind and wore the aforementioned head gear with abandon. I am impressed. I find that hair nets tend to accentuate my many chins so I avoid them at all costs. Well tom successfully closes the deal…makes the sale….saves the day! And then he cheerfully heads to his next appointment. No hair net necessary here….whew! Closes that deal. Heads to the next appointment which he scores on and then…exhausted but thrilled, heads to get some lunch. He has in fact, done so well that unlike his normal buzz thru McDonald’s, he treats himself to a sit down lunch. Orders and heads to the little boys room to wash up. Where, as he looks in the mirror to freshen up a bit, he realizes that he is still wearing his jaunty shower cap. Ha! Has had it on all day! Thru several appointments and in the restaurant. Ha! One more reason to “just say no” if you are ever asked to wear a hair net. Guess maybe I don’t have that much to learn from tom after all…..

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