sandy….. PART ONE…..

alas – one of my offspring had strep over thanksgiving – (in fact several of them have passed it around now….) so i was not able to travel to KY to visit tom’s family over the holiday.  he called approximately 24 hours in to say  “laura – i have about six months worth of posts for your website”.  ha!   here is one of the hysterical events that occured whilst he was bonding with loved ones…..

my niece suzanne has a beloved cat named sandy.  suzanne is an animal lover….as is my sister in law amy.   both are amazing people….but we have decided that their talents diminish a bit when they are in the middle of an emergency type situation.  (read:  they completely freak out when faced with a stressful situation and are lunatics)  =D

tom walks in the door of suzanne’s house in time to hear sandy – the cat – meowing as if in pain and having what he can best describe as a “kitty seizure”.  chaos ensues!!  suzanne grabs sandy and races out the door screaming in hysterics that she is headed for the animal e.r. – everyone move! – get out of the way – etc etc.  tom races after her knowing that she is in no condition to drive and so tom , the cat, and suzanne are thrown into tom’s mother’s car –  with tom driving – and they set off for the kitty e.r.

as tom looks in the rear view mirror, he realized much to his horror – i mean his relief – that his sister amy has planted herself in the back seat of the vehicle.  so – as tom describes it – he now has a screaming cat and two screaming women in the car as he races to the feline e.r.   amy and suzanne are screaming for him to hurry – to run all traffic signals and lights – to turn the wrong way on one way streets – whatever it takes to get to the pet e.r.    the cat has calmed just a tiny bit so suzanne decides to snuggle it…..and as tom is yelling – “i wouldn’t touch her right now suzanne!” – he hears all three screams again since amy is still directing the driving….and sandy is still experiencing medical issues and suzanne has now been bitten.

about this time tom comes to a section of the trip where there are two people directing traffic with hand held stop signs.  being under tremendous amounts of stress at this particular moment, something overcomes tom and he actually takes the advice of the screamer in the backseat who yells ” RUN IT TOM!!” and drives around the person holding the stop sign.  as he looks in the rear view mirror he sees their eyes become unbelievably huge and they begin to lunge after the vehicle – stop sign in hand – while they radio the other dude with the stop sign that is still in front of tom.   again – possesed mostly by the need to “get there and GET OUT of the car” tom again listens to the scream of “RUN IT TOM!!” and finds that he is now being chased by two people weilding stop signs and radioing – most likely – the state police.  he figures jail would be more quiet and peaceful than where he is now so continutes on with the glimmer of hope that he may be arrested.   sandy has now calmed down, as has suzanne – so with amy still screeching directions he finishes the trip- safely but shaken-  to the critter e.r.

tune in soon for part two…..will sandy be okay?  will suzannes bite become infected?  will amy ever quit screaming? will tom be arrested?


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