sandy – part two

so they get to the varmint e.r. and unload the cat.   someone nearby is burning leaves and amy – who is still handling the stress valiantly – no wait – amy – who is still coming completely unglued…..decides that the smell is coming from the car.   “Do you think we need to replace the engine????”   why yes amy – the neighbors are burning leaves so we should indeed replace the engine – in fact let’s just assume that the car is totaled.  so while suzanne rushes the patient into the creature e.r. tom has to pop the hood and check the engine and prove to amy – who is handling the stress valiantly – no wait – amy – who is blowing a gasket – that the engine was fine!

tom has never been to a four-legged-loved-one e.r. and was thrown a bit by the professionalism.    “we need to get some information on the patient please…..could you sign the release form to have her records forwarded?  and we need the answers to the following questionairre….”

name  /   birthdate   /  county born in  /   nickname   /   favorite snacks  /   allergies  /   parents names  /   preferred brand of kitty litter – ha!  just kidding there…..

they have RACED sandy back for treatment and now call tom and the screamers – i mean amy and suzanne back to the exam room to sum up the visit…. as it turns out – her blood sugar was low – she has eaten an entire can of cat food and seems much better…..the doctor – i mean vet – is on his way with a treatment plan and an estimate to discuss…..

side note here…… the cat is 78 years old in people years and weighs approximately 238 pounds…..

estimate for treatment comes back and is right in the vicinity of $12,000.00  so tom looks at some of the specifics and as he puts it – they are running every test ever devised by mankind!  so  right off the bat tom removes a few things from the list….

no porcelin veneers – no tummy tuck – no pedicure – no precision whisker trim – no colored contacts……

in fact – as they discuss the list – sandy becomes more and more “well”…..and although overnight observation is encouraged….what seems to be the root of the problem is the following….

sandy is a whitlow in every sense of the word…..apparently she needed a meal – and a BIG one and NOW!

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