school’s out……ack!


click on the link above and you’ll see a commercial that compeltely cracks me up!  i love how happy the dad looks….especially the very end move where he’s got his leg up and is floating happily across the screen….super music choice – makes me laugh.   course….right NOW we’re in transition mode at our house.   school is OUT for the summer and so i now have five children at home all day.  all day.  the whole day.  all of it.      whew!  it’s an adjustment!  how?  first of all they expect three meals every single day.  i can’t clean up the first one before they are asking about the next one.  especially since “getting up” times seems to range from 8am ish (the boy and emma) to around noonish for the two oldest teenagers.  so breakfast alone can span 4 or 5 hours!   and kids seem to leave a little “path” where ever they go.  i can find them if i follow the path-o-debris.  (not that i usually want to find them – ha!) ….just don’t want the path of clothes/supplies/snacks/art projects…..     another little issue we’re going to have to work on is if i hear “i’m bored” or “what can i do now, mom?” one more time i think i’ll scream.  i am NOT a cruise ship director.  NOT in charge of 24/7 entertainment.  NOT responsible for constant parties.  i swear, my own mother used to toss us outside at the start of summer and let us back in the house to change clothes for the first day back at school.  my sisters and i CLEARLY remember sitting on the porch steps wondering what it would be like to go inside.   ha!     our memories may possibly be a bit off….but as a mother myself now, it sounds like a pretty darn good plan.  problem is the heat.  it’s so stinkin’ HOT out there…..i worry that there could be some health issues if i just throw them in the yard and lock the front door.  i would OBVIOUSLY supply water bottles!  and right now, i am explaning to tom that although there could be some upfront expense involved, the solution is quite clearly……


a yard size  “Sunsetter Retractable Awning”!  which keeps things at least 20 degrees cooler than surrounding areas.   (those same commercials have been playing for about 30 years now, huh?  the people in them must be about 112 years old in real life).   so…..i’m open to suggestions!  how do YOU make summer a smooth, happy, cheap, loving, carefree experience?????


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