she’s right….

this month – september – tom’s mom – my mother in law – turned 75.  so the family planned a getaway in a cabin in the woods to celebrate.  i was unable to attend but have heard quite a few stories since the kids got home.  oh the stories i could tell…if only i wasn’t trying to get a really great christmas gift – haha!   one thing i CAN share is that tom’s sister Pat is hosting a foreign exchange student from germany.   fascinating.    america has been different than she expected and one of the things that has really surprised her is the size of the standard refrigerator here.  she’s been surprised at what we eat.   she’s right……   most other countries are surprised at how food seems to be the center of our attention over here.  can’t really argue…..   tom said when they went on the little weekend getaway, there were quite a few things he was wishing for……comfortable bedding…..an extra bathroom…..but said he was FLOORED when he opened the fridge in the cabin and saw that it had been stocked so full for a 48 hour visit that the door barely shut.  she’s right…we do seem to have an obsession with food here…..or is it just our family?  well one of my favorite comedians is Sinbad….cause he’s clean!  no dirty words!  and this is one of our favorite clips….thought i’d share…..


so…..take all the money you WOULD have spent on junk food this week…..eat only carrot and celery sticks….and a new healthier you can come shop for all kinds of fabulous furniture!   (and if you need anything – just call….and i will grab my hershey bar and roll my huge hiney in to help you!)

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  1. Amy
    Amy says:

    I feel like we were the last to discover him, but JUST IN CASE… do you know of Brian Regan? Soooo funny, and clean!! Even my little children quote him.


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