You just gotta give it a chance……

So there are things you think are just a given.  No need to explain,,,,no need to wonder or ask….no need to give it a second thought.     And then you realize…hmmmmm…..maybe you DO need to explain……to ask…..etc.    you realize you just gotta give it a chance!   examples?     Why of course! Tomnlar Lets take the wedding photo here for starters….. I would have thought it was a given…..no need to ask….that my spouse-to-be would don a pair of socks on our special day.   And yet…here we have photographic evidence that he did indeed forget socks.   No, those are not white socks…those are his ankles.   Almost the same shade as my dress….no socks.   Rental shoes melted to the top of his feet in the sunshine on our memorable day in may during photo shoot.   Something I now find myself explaining to my children as they browse thru our wedding photos.  And I imagine my parents had a brief moment when they wondered what I was doing….. Another example?   Of course!    I purchased this lovely chair and was very excited.   Had a close friend announce that in her professional opinion, it was only good for kindling,   I assumed the reason I purchased it was a given.   No explanation needed….but I was wrong. Chair before   So where am I ging with all this?   I do have a point.    First example…..tom was so overcome with love desire and emotion that he could not even remember the basics of personal grooming and lost the ability to dress himself.   Being able to remember socks was NOT a given based on his tremendous excitement to be betrothed to me forever.  It was all about just giving him a chance.    Based on his ankles?  Not a smart choice!  Haha.  Based on his devotion to me, his love for our children, his support of my job?  No better choice out there!! second example?   Although I saw the beauty inside…..not everyone was attracted to the chair in the before stages.   You may be surprised to know  i did not have to beat down even one other buyer.   Haha.   It WAS necessary to explain and show others what this puppy could become….  It was necessary to just give it a chance!!  With previous fabric and dark wood?  Not such a good choice!   After a little paint and some new “clothes”….no better choice out there!! Chair after     Soooo…..here’s my point. (Finally, huh?).  We have a fabulous line of paint,   no sanding required…no priming required….sticks to almost any surface….we have worked long and hard on our formula and we are really excited..  It’s how we can get 35 pieces done in a week.  It’s how we can take something from ordinary to extraordinary.  It’s something we want to share with you!   you gotta give it a chance!   creating something beautiful is immensely satisfying.   having fun while you do it is even better… so … you gotta give it a chance!!  we have been so excited by the response we have decided to post a tip about once a week on how to use the paints…the glazes…the sealers…..fun color combinations…etc.    so… you gotta give it a chance!   dont live close?   no worries…we have 16 distributors….check the website for one near your….or…..we ship!  not a do it yourself-er?  no worries…we offer paint classes twice a month where you can learn all the secrets yourself.   Bottom line??   You just gotta give it a chance!!!!   Based on the fact that you may not have heard of us yet…..leap of faith choice.    based on the wonderful price point, ease of use, and ability to create something youre proud of….no better choice out there!!  so…..give it a chance!!  You’ll be thrilled that you did!!  Check out the paint section of the website….come take a class….or place an order.   It’s fabulous….and we are so very proud!!!

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  1. cindy mouchet
    cindy mouchet says:

    I have admired your work and stories for years. I recently remarried to my teenage first love and moved to his north east small town home. I really can’t imagine coming back to the metro area. It would be nice to learn how to be a rethunk lady up here for my house. How about an online course or a step by step read out for those that can’t get to Woodstock

    • Admin
      Admin says:

      We are working on a you tube video that should help! I’ll post a link when it’s done. Congrats….and best wishes for years of happiness with your first love!!


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