seems like the weather lately is feeling quite a bit like spring.  crud – some days are feeling like summer!  and although i like the warmer temperatures -( i HATE being cold.)…i do have some complaints about the season at hand….

first of all…WHAT the HECK are these?????

do they only live in woodstock?  (this is my first spring here…)  these little suckers seem to thrive on the heat.  the hotter it gets, the more of them i see, and the more moving and shaking they seem to be doing.  i was trying to enjoy the super day and decided to paint a piece on the deck and these little suckers were swarming all over the place…..in my hair  -down my shirt – on the piece i was working on – in the paint!!!  i tried to paint over a few thinking i could experiment with a “textured” piece  – bah ha ha – but that didn’t work so well.  after a bit i just gave up – shook out my hair and my bra – teehee – amd went inside.  i never encountered these little critters in acworth…..are they some plaque the Lord has released on woodstock?   what did you woodstockonians do to incur His wrath???  and if i spray them they just giggle.  i swear i can hear it as they continue to crawl/fly all around.   i have even seen a couple of them wave!   i welcome any hints for how to rid  our location of these bitty bugs!!!

secondly….i now have to spring for the name brand deoderant vs. the generic one.  i cannot believe how georgia goes from cold to HOT in 24 hours!  seriously seems to go from winter to SUMMER!….no real spring in between

third….now i gotta shave.   my legs.    first shave of the season is rough!   i see no need thru the winter to shave much past my ankles (teehee) so when spring hits i have quite a transition on my hands.   we have discovered that it takes about 24 hours….several tools sold only in the garden department at home depot….and more patience than i ever thought i had to go from sasquatch to….uh….less hairy than sasquatch.  =D

allergies!!  how can something i can’t even SEE wreak such havoc in my life?????  i firmly believe that no one should have to WORK to BREATHE!  that should just be a gift from on high that comes naturally!!!  (and actually….to make matters a bit worse…i guess you CAN see this stuff – as there is a yellow film all over everything outside!)

next….my freaky hair!!!  it’s already 1,450% humidity outside and i have naturally curly hair.   the shirley temple kind – except i’m not as cute or adorbale as she is.   it’s more like a ton of kinky curls atop a fluffy overweight humpty dumpty.   not an appealing look.  so do i spend 2 hours in the morning with the flat iron?   cause as soon as i walk out to the shop it’s all over.   seems like I should be in charge of my hair….not the other way around!!!

lastly is that pesky “spring” cleaning.   everyone talks about it – wonder how many people actually DO it???  here is MY theory….had someone ask me once what my schedule was for cleaning my baseboards and ceiling fans.  (she was a big duster!)  my answer?   clean baseboards right before you repaint them….and i have even found that a certain amount of dust will “paint right in”   bah ha ha  ……and ceiling fans?  that one’s easy!  they tell you when they need to be dusted.  when you turn one on, and a big ole dust bunny flies thru the air then it MAY be time!!!

spring.   hmmmmm.    better than winter?  by a long shot!!!  but i must say  – for ME – there a still a couple of issues!!!

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