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Tips for making the most of the Woodstock market open house


The Woodstock market open house is fast approaching, November 1-3!! There will be an incredible front window display, live music, treats galore, a canned food and toy drive, and 20 percent off everything in the store. It’s going to be truly fantabulous! I have watched the last few weeks (with a mild case of nausea) as halloween, thanksgiving, and even the entire season of fall have been tossed aside to make room for all things christmas. There are days when it’s impossible to walk thru the store without looking like you have been sprinkled with glitter. Last year I believe it was around 4,000 people who shopped/attended/contributed to the Christmas open house, Soooo….for those serious shoppers out there….I have come up with a survival guide…..a few tips for making the most of this once a year party of all parties.

1. Dress for success! This weekend is all about getting it before your neighbor does. Since Market is such a unique place, there are only one or two of some items….and you need to make sure you take home what you want. There actually isn’t any room for the Christmas spirit at this sale, My suggestion? Sweats and comfortable running shoes. Two advantages here… 1. you can move quickly without those trendy high heeled boots on and 2. You will look like you haven’t really come with wads of,cash, allowing you to sneak up on the other shoppers, grab what you want, and dash to the checkout line before they know what’s happened.

2. Scout out the joint, Much like a bank robber who plans and knows exactly how to pull off that plan, I would suggest that you come in before the sale and make a mental note of things you want and locations of said items, Map out a route…..the quickest way to get in, grab the goods, and get to the check out. (The check out part is where, of course, we part ways with the bank robber types. Don’t be trying to leave without paying,,,,there are two charming girls that weigh about 73 pounds combined that will be checking receipts and they will frown at you if you don’t have one). Have a plan…and remember that you will be wearing your sexiest running shoes! I’m sure the owners won’t mind a bit if a thousand or so of you show up this week and dash thru the store at lightening speed practicing. Go for it!

3. Make sure you give back!! To help ease your conscience about the fact that this weekend is all about getting the goods, Market has come up with a plan for you to donate canned goods, toys, or even pay a wee 5 bucks to come shop early, Makes no difference how many women you trip if you have brought a can of green beans with you. The Lord will forgive you for snatching things out of other shoppers hands if you have just donated Buzz Lightyear to the cause. A$5 bill erases an entire day of darting thru the store at warp speed thinking only of yourself.

4. It’s a sleepover! Come the night before and wear your jammies under those sweats. For the right amount of cash, most dealers at Market will tell you which of the beautiful beds set up have slats. Choose a bed, and right before close, using your best ninja moves, dash to the bed and roll right under it. After everyone leaves you’ll be all set to strip down to your pjs and relax for the evening. Set an alarm, and you’ll be the first one up and ready for the sale the next day! Super way to beat the crowds!! Plan early tho….,there are a limited number of beds set up at Market!

5. Last tip? Have fun! On a serious note, there has been more time, effort, care, hard work, and love poured into this event than anyone would guess. From the owners…planning and building and creating an incredible window display and gorgeous store……to the individual dealers….helping with decorating, stocking their individual spaces, and planning for months, this is a team event. Long hours, lots of laughing, a few tears when the stress level gets a bit high, and a sincere desire to offer something different, unique and memorable have gone into this weekend, so grab 3,462 of your closets friends, some cans of corn, a couple Barbie dolls and all the cash you can stash in those baggy sweats and come join us for a wonderful way to start a very special holiday season!!

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  1. Denise Hankins
    Denise Hankins says:

    I am So Glad to have finally found your link !!! You are the bomb and you make me laugh…and you have a Big Big Heart !!! I admire you and am tickled to know where to find your blog……


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