this weekend my 12 year old son matt had a loose tooth.  he had been stressed about when it was going to drop out so he asked tom to look at it….and yes – you guessed it – as tom “looked” at it – he also took the opportunity to yank that sucker out.  luckily it was way ready to come out so matt was not traumatized in any way.  just excited for the “tooth fairy”  (read “cash under his pillow”)

so emma comes in from school today totally excited that – of course  – SHE  has a loose tooth!  loose teeth give me the willies so it takes all the “mom love” i have to watch carefully as she wiggles it for me.  much to my relief it’s still in that stage where most of the wiggling is in her head -bah ha ha – that’s where the tooth is – see how funny that is????  most of the wiggling is in her mind….so i don’t have to watch anything too graphic yet.   so dinner time arrives.  tom has decided to handle that this evening (one of the many reasons i love him) and he finds me and shares the following exchange he had with emma….

hey em,  do you want eggs or grits with your waffles tonight?

uh dad….as you know,,,,i have a loose tooth….i’ll take the grits for sure but i don’t know about the waffles….let me think a minute….

so you think they may be too hard for your tooth?

yea….i’m a little worried – it’s pretty loose – a waffle could knock it right out….i mean crud – you might as well be offering me beef jerky!  we all know that totally knocks your teeth out.  i most definately don’t want beef jerky dad-  and i’m gonna have to get back to you on the waffle….

what???? beef jerky????  our family has never even purchased beef jerky – let alone served it for dinner!  i could understand if she had said no corn on the cob….no whole apples….no peanut brittle….no sugar daddy’s (i actually lost a tooth myself eating one of those so i know firsthand how dangerous they can be!)  but BEEF JERKY????   she’s too funny!!

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