the importance of a good education!

tom’s mom owned a hugely successful cleaning service for years before retiring.  the stories she can tell are hilarious!   this one has always cracked me up….and last week we had a little “moment” in our own family that reminded me of this…..

so she hires a new guy.  college kid.  seems eager to work and pretty “on the ball”.  she is successful because she has a system and knows what she’s doing and so she spends the first night training him.  first assignment?  vacuum!  before she even takes the time to plug the thing in she talks to him about the importance of hitting every spot and shows him how to push the vacuum in a pattern and back out of the room so there are no footprints.  he’s attentive and picks up on the system quickly so she passes on the equipment and leaves him to get started.  about an hour later she comes back to check on him.  can’t find him anywhere.  listens carefully…..looks for vacuum tracks…..nothing.  starts getting concerned that something happened and/or irritated that like some college kids he has decided that manual labor is no fun and he has just left!  (which leaves her with a huge work load!)  finally she locates him.  in an office….working hard…..vacuuming away…..EXACTLY like she showed him…..without the dang vacuum plugged in!  really!  when asked he responded, “oh – you didn’t plug it in and you never told me to.”    seriously????  we have always cracked up over that….teased that his college education was not really making a difference – teased with our kids about the importance of a GOOD education…..imagined what jobs he must be doing now…..like – chef – but all he could handle would be sushi since he never turns on the oven……or – photographer but all your photos are black cause the camera is never really on (which i would actually prefer if i was in the photo!) …. or – taxi driver but you really just sit with him and chat since the car will never be started.   and then….. last week…..my amazing 17 year old decides yes – she will indeed reach out and help my 13 year old flat iron her hair.  and yes – you know where this is going!  they spend over 30 minutes on this project.  and lindsey is all but cursing like a sailor – katie is near tears – linz is pulling the hair with that flat iron with the pressure of a vice!  she is floored at how curly katies hair remains – tells her she’s never seen anything like it!  finally throws the flat iron down, announces that she gives up, and is ready to walk off….when katie picks it up, looks at her sweetly and asks if she would try it again….right after she turns it on!  oh……the importance of a good education!!!

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