the importance of being bilingual….

my high school age girls keep asking me about the foriegn language requirement.  is it REALLY necessary????  and then when we finish with that….well can i take LATIN????  uh…NO!  of COURSE it’s necessary!   look around you and listen!   you can be a HUGE help and open LOTS of doors if you learn a foriegn language…and i don’t hear very many people around me speaking latin!  seems that what i hear the most is SPANISH!  i with i had taken spanish in high school or college.  i chose french and all i can to is passionately tell tom i love him in french (and then he looks at me weird and once again i wish i had chosen spanish…or a different spouse???  haha)  well megan had an experience this week at school where she realized i might be right….this was HILARIOUS!!!

she decided to use the vending machine at lunch that dispenses salads.  (healthy choice, yes…but how tasty or fresh can a salad from a vending machine be??) and to her surprise, the machine jammed – took her money and dispensed no leafy greens.  (not really surprising to me….i have yet to see a vending machine set up to shoot you a salad/dressing and a roll….but anyhoo)….she went to the office to ask for her money back and the office (we start the red tape early in life….) told her that that particular machine belonged to the CAFETERIA so she would need to talk to THEM about getting a refund.  ok….no biggie….she heads to the cafeteria.  walks up the the staff and explains her problem and requests a return of her investment.  they start answering her and after a few seconds she realizes that none of them are speaking english.  she explains again…and still no english reply.  so she explains LOUDER and SLOWER….(isn’t that what we do??? pretty silly,huh?) and they speak LOUDER and FASTER ….in spanish.   so megan – no wanting to admit she doesn’t understand and not wanted to offend anyone decides the best plan is to stand there while they talk to her and nod and say yes and nod some more and say yes (“si” is one of about 3 spanish words she knows so she uses it).  after a few minutes of them talking a LOT and her nodding a LOT she waves goodbye…and at that moment….in halting english…one of the cafeteria workers looks sweetly at megan and says very sincerely…..”ok…good luck in night school…and we hope your uncle gets better quickly!”    WHAT?  totally hilarious!!!  no telling WHAT megan agreed with….who knows WHAT she nodded to!  how in the world the conversation went from “could i please have a dollar back cause the vending machine is broken?”  to   “i attend night school and have a seriously ill uncle”  i will never know….but megan left trying her darndest not to laugh out loud till she got far away and realizing that it might be better to choose spanish over latin after all.

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