the key…..part THREE!!!

so i had really hoped it wouldn’t come to this….but alas – i am adding a part THREE to the “key” saga.  for those of you who are unfamiliar with parts one and two….here is a link…..

the key – part one – http://www.rethunk-junk.com/blog/i-give-up/

the key – part two – http://www.rethunk-junk.com/blog/the-key-part-two/

for those of you with a life….haha….let me sum up….tom purchased a relatively nice lexus not long ago.  the key was breaking and held together with tape.  i advised – as his all knowing and all wise spouse – that he get that replaced while he was still making a deal on the car and had some bargaining power.  did he listen – oh no!  so he has been thru several homemade key “fixes”…including chopping off the handle of a paint brush and shoving the key into it to come up with some way to hold the darn thing,…..well ….we have now hit what i consider to be “rock bottom”!……

i feel compelled to share part three.  the key has now completely broken off and there are two parts.  the part that fits into the ignition…and the sensor part that has to be shoved right up against the ignition in order for the car to start for some crazy security reason.  here are the two parts…..

and here is what now has to happen to start tom’s car.

first – you must take the pliers and firmly grasp the broken key stuck in in the ignition with your right hand.   then with your left hand, you must reach UNDER the steering wheel and stretch your arm across till you are holding the broken sensor part right next to the broken key part. this you must do carefully as you need a firm grasp on the piece but must not allow yourself to push the alarm button as you are holding this piece because no one wants to hear THAT thing going off….and who knows if we even have the ability to turn it off!!!!   now you squeeze the pliers and turn the key while making sure that the sensor part of the key that you are holding with your other hand does not slip or move too far away.  there are several things that could go wrong here….first – you may not have the broken sensor part of the key close enough to the broken ignition part of the key and in this case  nothing will happen.  second – you may not have a firm grasp on the pliers so the broken key part may not turn.  third – you may turn the key and – since this is basically a decent vehicle – it’s a lexus after all – you may not hear the car start cause the engine is so quiet… so you sit there with the pliers turned while the poor engine “revs” out of control.  fourth – you may accidentally grasp the broken sensor part of the key near the alarm button and set off the car alarm. i used to stress that we were leaving the keys in the car – in the ignition to be more specific…but i can’t think of a criminal around who could either figure out the system to start the darn thing OR even know where to look for the pliers…so now i just stress about locking the keys in…very real possibility – and i – for one – don’t want to be around when they come to unlock it and i have to explain how that happened!    i find it ludicrous (good vocab word, huh?) that my spouse seems fine with this little plan.   he jumps in his car – opens the little storage compartment between the seats where  – i feel certain – no other lexus owner stores a pair of plierss – and pulls out the broken sensor part of the key and his little pair of pliers and tangles his arms all up in the steering wheel while trying to start the thing and then cheerfully drives off.  cheerfully?  why yes….because he has once again started his vehicle without forking over the 400 bucks for a new key!  i swear…this is one of those things that truly ONLY happens to OUR family!

just a little side note here….i most likely will not be available today (not that i’m open anyway) as i’m sure i will be whisked away to walmart to choose a gift for my 25th wedding anniversary which is today!!  haha!   in all seriousness i must say that i love tom even more today than i did 25 years ago.  (because obviously it’s hard to really even understand love when you’re only four years old!  ha!)

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