the “key”…..part two….

never planned on having a part two on the key story…..actually wish i didn’t have a part two….but here we go….

headed to QT for a….yep….diet coke on friday….headed there cause it really did need to be a QUICK trip!!!  tom decided to join me and drive his fabulous new car (new to HIM….not actually NEW!haha)  and to he gets in , holds the paintbrush key with the real key top, carefully avoiding the alarm button and off we go.   well….when he made the paintbrush key, he cut off the paintbrush, sawed a slit in in and then just rammed the key in there…..no glue…..no adhesive at all.  (so now i am taking back all the points i gave him for creativity and he’s in the negative category for being stupid.  tee hee).  so we get back in the dreamobile with our sodas and he picks up the paintbrush key and….ploop…..the key falls out of the paintbrush.  and….falls between the center console and the driver’s seat.   that’s a problem.   how the heck are we gonna get that?????  tom (after looking at me with a “oops-i-can’t-believe-this-just-happened-do-you-still-love-me-look”) climbs out of the car and KNEELS in the parking lot at QT to start fishing around for the key.   coupla issues here….#1 – i am actually present – dang it!   #2 – tom has lost about 30 pounds lately (yes i hate him) and so his pants don’t fit.  i am toying with walking around to his side of the car and either blocking what i am sure is a fabulous show as he bends over….or possibly charging for the show…..but both would require getting out of the car and being seen in public at this particular moment.  #3  my sexy man is 6’4″ and has wonderfully large hands that i have always loved ….till now.   there is no way those hands are getting in the tiny space between the seats to get the key.  #4 – this is just dumb.  the whole thing.  dumb.    well…..after pushing the seat forward – no luck – and pushing the seat back – no luck – and pushing the seat forward – no luck – and pushing the seat back – no luck – (i could go on but i won’t) and after noticing that we are making a bit of a scene here (well it’s his rear end making a scene!!!  little side note:  tom’s sister once observed that seeing a bit-o-crack seemed to be WAY to frequent with the whitlow men and commented that she truly believed a whitlow mans butt crack would show if he was wearing overalls!!  haha – i LOVE that!)  so back to the car…..obviously we did finally retrieve the key…..and were able to leave QT….and in my opinion should never return again….guess we’re racetrac people now…..and we have now spent right at about $78 dollars on crazy glue to try and fix this little issue…..let’s fervently hope (good vocab word, huh?) that there isn’t a part three to this!!!!!!

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