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so i went and helped with a paint class last night in Ringgold, GA. went to Ringgold Feed & Seed. great store if you’re anywhere close enough to check it out! i usually look like a hot mess cause i’m covered with paint and even on the days when i “dress up” everything i own is covered with paint. well for this trip i decided to try and raise the bar a little so i found two articles of clothing NOT covered in paint – AND i even….wait for it….donned a pair of earrings!! whoa bessie! who knew i could be so fancy, right??? well halfway thru the night i realized one of my earrings had fallen off. i was so disappointed cause i don’t even own that many pairs of earrings. i looked and looked but couldn’t find it. *heavy sigh* finally gave up. came home late last night and got ready for bed. well….i found my earring. it was….um…er…it was in my bra. WHO KNEW anything else would fit in there????? keeping with the theme we have going here, i thought i’d share a couple of blog posts…..here is the first…..please let me know if any of you have any tips or favorite stores…..it’s “that time” again and i could never go back to the first store! ha!

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