They’re outta here!

So i love my children with all my heart.
They are the center of my world.
They are everything to me.
They my whole life.
There are five of them.
They are everywhere.
All the time. 😛

But for this next few weeks….they are gone!!! They are spending time with family in kentucky. I find that I am so very happy for them ….but of course only since THEY are so excited. Instead of focusing on how lonely i will be….on how empty my life will be….on how I will ever fill my time….I have decided instead to be proactive and make some plans…..so here are my thoughts…
Things To Do While My Children Are Gone
1. I will be “busy” in the bedroom. May not be able to carve out much time to paint….please keep all special orders till the middle of June.
2. I could walk around naked if I want to…which leads me back to #1.
3. I could watch a romantic movie on tv that does not have to be on Nickelodeon channel…..which leads me back to #1.
4. I will not have to do NEARLY as much laundry….which leaves me more time for #1.
5. I can take a nap in the middle of the day with no interruptions…which gives me more energy for #1.
6. I could plan a romantic candlelight dinner for two…which leads me back to #1.
7. I can sleep in without hearing electronics or the tv …and that will be essential since there will be very little sleeping due to #1! Ha!
8. I can take a shower without worrying that someone else has used up all the hot water…in fact, I can actually use it all up myself…..which leaves me ever so fresh for #1 😀
9. House cleaning will be a cinch since I do not make messes and tom will be too tired to make any …bah ha ha!!!

So although I am teary eyed and emotional (not!)….I am looking forward with strength of heart to the opportunity to have lots and lots of…..
chances to get to know tom better! Hahaha

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