this is a serious one….. =D

so i realize mom’s are supposed to think their kids are awesome….but mine really are!  =D   this last sunday they were asked to sing in church.  and they did!  do you realize how huge that is in today’s world?  my 18 year old…..my 16 year old….my 14 year old…my 12 year – SON – and my 7 year old…all agreed.  spent lotsa time together practicing – wrote a harmony part for one of my girls to sing – they each had solo parts – handled things beautifully!  i played the piano for them.  i video’d one of the practices and tried to post it – proud mom that i am….but when all five united and threatened to run away i decided to refrain.  =D    so the song was about being kind, sharing love, and making our homes a heaven on earth.   um….despite the fact that my kids are close to perfect and much much better than yours (teehee) there were – er – “moments” during some of the practice times that were less than heavenly.  ha!   as miss emma was doing more jumping than standing still…..as lindsey was texting friends (probably to say “can you even believe what my mom is making me do??”)  as matthew and katie were trying to see who could stand on one foot the longest….as megan was daydreaming vs. singing her part….i found myself getting kinda upset.    seems that i needed the lesson the song taught more than anyone.  i realized that as i yelled at my kids to “stop having fun!  stop interacting with each other!  stop the stupid smiling!  stand still – focus and SING this song about heaven on earth RIGHT THIS MINUTE!”   there was a moment of silence…and then they all five started laughing hysterically.  still not getting it…this mad me uber angry and so i responded (in my no one can arrest me for using this voice cause i’m a mom and it’s ok) “are you KIDDING ME???  stop laughing right now and get serious!  this is two days away….i will not have you embarrassing me….get it right – let’s start from the part where you sing about sharing each other’s joy and….uh….oh.”   suddenly i realized why they were laughing.  how insane for me to yell at them to stop having fun so we could make our home a heaven on earth.  i realized that i had gotten caught up in the performance part of things and had totally missed the message.  i realized that despite the fact that i am the mom….THEY actually probably taught me more than i EVER thought about teaching them.  so…..i apologized….we started over….and it was…..well…..heavenly!

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