tis the season….. =P

some of you may remember the story of our “rescued”….(stolen?) christmas tree?  for those of you who are fortunate enough to not have read the whole drawn out saga….let me sum up….  husband is cheap (i say with love) – real trees are disposable thus not a bargain – neighbors are tossing a faux treee as they have been blessed enough to be able to upgrade – husband sees aforementioned tree in neighbors trash pile and tiptoes over early one morning in his pj’s to rescue it – drops the box on the way back across the street spilling faux tree parts all over the road and holding up both the trash truck on it’s way to remove tree AND the owner of the discarded tree (much to his embarrassment and my “i-told-you-so-kinda-in-an-amused way-but-now-we-have-to-move” type attitude.  so that chapter in out lives closes (read: the dumb tree from the trash tore up – go figure!) and tom purchases a tree at the after christmas sales.  now i am all about a bargain….but it was plain to see that there was a reason this tree was still at walmart in march.  it made the charlie brown tree look like something whisked from a forest of giant redwoods  at the peak of it’s prime!  it was so scrawny tom could take it – stand and all – and carry it up the attic stairs completely assembled to store till the following year.  so this year i took matters into my own hands.   not a good plan.  at all.  i arrive home yesterday with the bargain of the century!  a NINE FOOT PRE-LIT lovely tree – no need to untangle all those strings of lights that make you think of anything BUT the birth of the Savior…..no need to try and fluff a 5 foot tree with three branches that cannot be fluffed….no need to have the “discussion”  (read: knock-down-drag-out) about the pros and cons of breaking down and purchasing a real tree…..just pop that puppy outta the box – plug her in and VOILA’ – christmas spirit overfloweth!!  yes!  that’s how it would indeed work for any of YOU!!!!  us?   not so much!  after two hours and no mention of the joyous season upcoming this is what we have……


some of my favorite parts of the photo?  the MANY dark sections of the tree awaiting some magic word or force to make them come on…..the splendid contrast of the 99cent stark white extension cord snaking up the trunk of the tree (who would EVER guess it was a fake tree with THAT there???)….the 75,000 volt flood lamp getting ready to set the carpet on fire as it is laid down to assist in the search for “whatever the darn freakin’crazy thing is wrong the with cheap as all get out stupid tree” (quote from my ever so patient husband i overheard in between him humming “silent night” and “joy to the world”.

are we the ONLY family who purchases a prelit christmas tree and then goes to home depot for extension cords and strings of lights ANYWAY????

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