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let me preface this little post with comments about my undying and neverending love for my spouse.  my eternal devotion….my faithful dedication….my constant adoration….i think he is fabulous, sexy, amazing, wonderful, and …..well….sometimes a little nutso!   =D   examples you ask?  OF COURSE!!!!

in an attempt to always support, love and be helpful, tom comes into the shop and will “take over” what i am working on.  feeling certain he is making me feel  loved and helped.  i have told him to practice dropping the “honey – here – let ME do that” and substitute it with “sweetheart, let me just say that you are doing a wonderful – no – AMAZING job on that project!!!!  (and you’re incredibly attractive too!)”    just kidding on the attractive part…but i DID tell him to quit trying to take over.  being the control freak that i am – it doesn’t come across as loving – just “i can do that better dear – move over”….and YES – those are MY issues – i realize that….but here are a couple of “helps” from the first week of 2012.

#1 – he came out and asked if he could help replace something on a piece i was working on.  well….yes….that does need replacing so sure!  he unplugs the power tool I am using…plugs in the one HE needs….and then proceeds to use a piece I HAVE JUST PAINTED as a sawhorse!!!  hello????  really????  and so when he gets black paint all over his fingers i don’t feel obligated to tell him…..not even when he starts scratching his ear.  hehehe (g0 back and do that as an evil laugh and it will be much more effective!)  yep.  he got black paint all over his ear and hair…..and ends up running in to the bathroom to shower and clean up while i am left finishing the project he started, replugging in my own power tool,  and then repainting the sawhorse – i mean desk!

#2 – lighting…..so i scored some fabulous lighting from a generous and amazing source and tom has installed it in the shop for me.  it happens to be motion sensitive lighting.  super!  when i am not in a particular section of the shop it can go off and save me some electricity!  great plan, right?  except that he has somehow set the light to go off after about 3 minutes of no movement.  and hung the sensor towards the back of the wall.  so now….every three minutes or so – i have to grope thru the thick black darkness to the back wall of the unlit shop and do some kinda gymnastics move to get the light back on again.  just a wee bit annoying!  and yes – i asked for help and tom explained that it was his contribution to my exercise program!  fine!  two can play that game!  i know some exercise that will NOT be taking place for quite some time!  haha

#3 – we moved here about six months ago and there was no shop when we got here…..tom and some helpers built it.  i was thrilled and grateful.  till cold weather hit.  no heat in the shop.  mighty cold some days!!!  paint just freezes in cold weather – no drying going on at all.  so tom installs a heater.  super!  but it’s not equal to the task of warming up a 1,200sf UNINSULATED shop.  so this week he started the process of insulating the shop.  thanks???  there are strips of insulation over approximately 3/4 of my shop.  my shop is now “fluffy”  (you may notice this as  you look at some of the photos this time)  welll….as grateful as i am we have discovered a few little issues with this project.  there is a reason people insulate a roof.  same reason we wear hats…..same reason they say “heat rises”.   cause it does!  so as i start a day in 28 degree weather this last week (seriously) and then it warms up to 65 degrees outside (seriously)….i notice that by about noon it is about 30 degrees warmer OUTSIDE than it is in my shop.  my loving spouse has effectively done a “reverse-insulation” job for me.  since the heat all rises and leaves thru the roof, the walls are now keeping the COLD in!!!!  he has built me a 1,200sf FRIDGE!  so until this NOT so little project is finished, i am dragging pieces out onto the deck – where after i move the scraps of drywall we are keeping to finish the rec room project (got in another little slam there – did you notice that??)  i can then work in the sunlight.  upside?  as i drag the piece thru the shop i trigger the motion lights back on!  bah ha ha   downside?  prediction of rain this week!      but like i said last week……i really love tom!  i really really do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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