tornado warning….

the weather was pretty icky today.  i discovered while working, that we live EXTREMELY close to the tornado siren/warning thing.  whoa!  it was LOUD!!!!  and that thing goes off for quite some time….i guess for the sound to reach those of you who do not live right below it!  well….emma (my six year old in first grade) comes home today and announces that there was a tornado at her school.  after freaking out i realize that #1 – she is standing right in front of me perfectly fine and healthy…and #2 – she meant there was a tornado drill at her school.  i asked her about it and she said….well…mom….i must say i felt a little silly!  what?  why would you feel silly emma?  uh….because the tornado came so the teacher said everyone get your library book and go out in the hall and sit down and hold your book over your head. (little side note here….what kind of plan is that??  when i was in school we have to scrouch down into a little ball against the wall in the hallway with our hands wrapped around our head/neck to protect us.   i don’t get the book on the head plan…..so that when something hits you then you have the additional weight of a book on your head to further aggrivate the injury you are bound to sustain???)  anyway….i am envisioning emma in the hallway with a book on her head and ask….”but everyone was out in the hall doing the same thing sweetie…why would you feel silly?  well mom….let’s just put it this way….it doesn’t pay to be a good reader!   everyone else in my class grabbed their library book which was a big big hard hard book full of pictures so they were safe.  but not me!  i grabbed my library book….junie b jones.   it is skinny as the skinniest thing you can think of….and tiny too…AND soft!  so i don’t think junie b jones is gonna keep me very safe from a tornado…wouldn’t you agree???  so you always tell me that reading is good….but i’m thinkin’ it’s gonna end up killing me mom!  so i’ll be taking a turn on the xbox now….     and she runs off.   as i envision my sweet baby in the hallway with a 1/4 inch thick paperback about the size of an index card over her head as a tornado roars towards the school all is can do is yell “have fun on the xbox!”

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