i was visiting with katie last week (she’s my 13 year old) and “the boy” came down – that’s matthew – my 11 year old.  matt started middle school this year and he’s in that “in-between” zone.  last year girls were an irritating inconvenience (notice my fabulous use of alliteration there?)….and showers were absolutely annoying (you’re amazed, right?).    but THIS year we DO have to ask/remind but don’t have to beg/plead/beat/threaten to get the child to do a wee bit of personal grooming….and girls are faintly fascinating (i am truly astounding, huh?)  NOTE:  course we did realize we had made a mistake when we bought him the reversible shorts and then found out that his plan for the previous week had been blue side for school;/white side for bed and he never had to take them off – GROSS!!)   anywho….he came downstairs when kate and i were chatting and announced that he had a unibrow and someone needed to do something about it.  whoa!  katie IMMEDIATELY jumps up and offers to pluck his unibrow.   being a “virgin” in the plucking department (well crud – in EVERY department) matthew cheerfully thanks her and they head upstairs with my tweezers.  i realize that this is going to be one of the more hysterical things to happen in 2011 so i quietly follow.   when i get to the hallway i see that matthew is sprawled out on the floor in his room on his back and katie is kneeling beside him explaining how there is only a tiny tingle when she removes a stray hair.  and then she begins.  matt goes (insanely quic kly) from excited and cooperative to frightened and shocked.  after only one follical has been removed matt is done.   i hear him yell that a unibrow is fine….attractive even…stop it katie….i changed my mind!!!! and kaite is yelling back ” lay still matt !” (she is now straddling him with the tweezers waving around trying to miss his eyes as she grabs at hairs.  she is yelling that girls hate unibrows and he’ll never get married and he’s yelling back that he’s GREAT with that plan and has totally bonded with his unibrow.  i am laughing so hard i think i’m going to pass out so i run back downstairs to pull myself together.  not long after that katie comes down and announces that they decided to call it quits…that they agreed after several attempts that mattew’s haris were somehow threaded all through his body and attached permanently and that he just needed to shave his unibrow someday.  matthew comes in later with one huge red spot between his eyes – that i can see through all the remaining hairs – and  – after taking one look at his expression – i assure him that he is over the top handsome and that no girl will ever get past his stunning blue eyes to even notice if he HAS eyebrows.   he runs off smiling – probly to take a shower.  haha    a before and after shot of matthew would not have been so impressive….BUT….a before and after of the furniture?  now THAT’S impressive!

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