i posted this AGES ago….but thought – based on the heat – the summer weather – that it could possibly use repeating!  my spouse and i went to a fabulously fancy hotel for a weekend getaway approximately 22 years ago.  back before kids….and before “broke”!  ha!   it was set up beautifully.  the rooms – no wait – the “suites” all formed a square around the stunningly landscaped and beautifully constructed indoor pool.  you could sit on the balcony of your room in super weather conditions all year long and watch the happy people swimming or lounging.  great set up!   so my man and i decide to head down to the pool.  as i don my swimsuit – cheerfully humming a happy tune (this was also before “extra pounds” came into my life) – i hear a shriek and know instantly something has happened involving my spouse.   as i run to his aid (like a super model in my swim suit – i almost ran in slow motion for effect – ha!) i discover that HE has forgotten his suit!  a calamity until we discover that this hotel – unlike the motel 6 and knights inn places we are used to now, has an entire floor of shopping and  – quite conveniently – they have a swimsuit store!  so we purchase tom a suit – he loves it – it’s a fabulous lime green color – and we head to the pool.  i head right for a chaise lounge calling to me…and my man dives right in….swims across the pool and down to the shallow end where i am casually resting like the hot mama that i was at that time…and he stands up in his awesome new green suit to say hello.  it is then that the laughter starts.  i am overcome with mirth (good vocab word, huh?) and so are all the people on the balconies.  there is a bit of pointing along with the giggles and the fingers are all aimed at my husband.  i cannot speak to explain….so tom puts his hands on his hips and turns a full circle – looking for the problem – pulling up his new suit “just incase” – with a very bewildered look on his face.  he smooths his hair – and then does another 360 degree circles – which elicites (more good vocab) new peals of laughter – and i finally find the ability amidst my laughing fit to point at his suit.  he looks down and notices what the rest of us noticed quite some time and several “turns” ago.  when wet….his suit has become COMPLETELY transparant!!!  he might as well have wrapped in saran wrap!!  i have never seen anything like it!!!!  needless to say – his dive back into the pool was instantaneous!!!  we kept the suit as a souvenier  – haha – and purchased another one NOT made from magical disappearing fabric – said a little thank you prayer that we were in another city – and finished our weekend getaway.   ever since then tom will not shop for a swimsuit without a water bottle to “test” things in the dressing room!!!   just a little warning for those of you hunting for a new suit this season!!!!

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