well….she got it…..

so….it finally happened…..much to my chagrin, my eldest daughter got her driver’s license.    i hardly know what to say.  how to respond.  how to behave.  i feel obligated to congratulate her – to share her joy and excitement – to be pleased as punch with her newfound freedom…..but…alas…therein lies the rub….(isn’t that some insanely intellectual quote from shakespeare or something??)  that newfound freedom is the very thing that seems to be FREAKING ME OUT!!!  my plan totally backfired.  i felt certain that when i sent her with her father to take the driving test that the fact that she had never successfully parallel parked would weigh heavily in my favor.  all be darned – they passed her anyway!  (my theory is that the tester-man was so scared he opted to pass her vs. ever risk being in a vehicle with her for the re-take! ha!)  i will say that linz came home and said that when she was attempting the aforementioned parallel parking that he started writing “a whole bunch of stuff and marking all over the paper….”  and it was then that she decided he “seemed a little crabby – kind of like someone who doesn’t really like his job or something.”    REALLY???  i can’t even imagine!!!  ha!

so she gets her license on thursday and being the MOTHER OF THE YEAR that i am….i ask her to run an errand for me.  why mother of the year? you ask?  well….what if she has a wreck while she is running MY ERRAND?  what if she hurts herself (or worse – the car – haha totally kidding) while she is out doing something i sent her to do????  how does one deal with THAT kinda guilt???   wouldn’t it be easier to swoon and gush over how great her license photo is and convince her to frame it and never use it????  then she’d never leave and i’d never have to worry about her!   what if SHE does everything right?  there are still the other crazy drivers out there to worry about!!!

i had to swallow a scream today as she seemed surprised that the police MIGHT pick her up for going ONLY 15 miles an hour over the speed limit.   ***heavy sigh***  (NOTE:  we have developed a warning system for when linz is on the road – if you would like your name added to our email/text list just let us know and you will be alerted when she drives off and we see tail lights!  much like the tornado warning system in place – allowing you to take cover or return home if you are out)   tee hee!

BUT….let me finish with sharing this…..today was my daughter katie’s 14th birthday…and for her birthday present, lindsey took her to the movies.  just the two of them.  they drove off laughing and smiling…and i was truly grateful.  grateful for katie…grateful for lindsey and her generosity….grateful that they shared time together….and grateful – yes – grateful that linz has that scary license and could use it to create some super memories!   other moms have done this….i can adjust too!

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