We’re back!!!!

Wow!    Seems like it’s been forever since I have posted on my website.   Lots of changes since last time.    Hopefully you noticed the first one ,,,new and improved website!!!   Would love your feedback.  (Not that I’m changing anything.  Bah ha ha).  We changedthe logo a bit….made the website a little easier to navigate….separated the blog stories for those of you who just want to look at furniture without reading abut our nutty family (although I don’t see the fun in that! Ha ).  and actually officially changed the name of my wee business to Rethunk Junk by Laura.   Wanted to explain that there is no ego involved there at all…..we had just noticed several very extremely exactly kinda all the way partially similar business names cropping up, and wanted to be able to  keep ours a bit different.   So we added “by Laura” to help you know that this is the real thing!  :).



Another change…..we have moved our headquarters (fancy word, huh?) to Woodstock Market.   We have space there for our finished pieces, space to work, and have even worked a deal with them (read: paying gobs of rent teehee) to do special orders there….so you can drop off and pick up at Woodstock Market,   It’s a wonderful, unique, and ever changing exciting store.    Come see our space… 5500 bells ferry road in acworth.




Another change…..I do not drink..but have watched enough movies to know that the first step to recovery for an alcoholic is admitting there is a problem.    So I have admitted that I have a problem.   I have phone issues,   I love to paint, I get very focused and involved in that and do not answer my phone or return calls like I should,   It’s really a bad thing.   Very frustrating for anyone trying to reach me….not too good for business.   So after the first step of admitting I have real issues in this area, I took step two….and decided to work with someone who DOeS answer and return calls.    This is where Debbie comes in,    Some of you may already have talked to Debbie,   She actually owns her own organizing business (Always Organized) and has been a fabulous addition.    She answers and returns calls, keeps,track of special orders, fills wish lists, and pretty much does everything except paint.  :).   So please feel free to fill her in when she returns your calls….and know that she will fill me in….and things should run much smoother now.



another charge…..we are excited to be selling The Paint line at several locations….are looking for more retail locations, offer the option of on line purchasing and shipping to anywhere in the US and regular paint classes every month at Woodstock Market.   You can find all the details under The Paint section of the website!

Slider3_Paint (1)


Whew!   That about does it.   All the other stuff is still the same.   I still love to paint.   This is still a wee family owned business.  My oldest daughter is helping out to earn her way thru college…..my second daughter helps teach the paint class….tom is still my favorite sexiest employee yet. (Haha). And aside from the 72 hour work days and trying to constantly find a balance between owning a little business and being a mom….I love love love what I do.   I wish there was a way to meet each of you and thank you for all you do to support us, to encourage us and to help us reach our dreams,     Thanks for being patient as we did some updating…..we are truly grateful!!!!  Now start shopping!   🙂

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