what a crazy plan!!

I’m gonna need your input on this one….this – in my humble opinion – seems to be the height of dysfunction – but I won’t tell you that yet so you can be completely objective and totally unswayed by my correct and perfect assessment of the following situation.


This involves a little “discussion” I am currently having with the love of my life.   Here’s the background – in a nutshell.   We moved about 8 months ago. We moved from Woodstock Ga to Acworth Ga – not too far – I’d say less than 15 minutes from old house to new house.   We kept the old house and decided to encourage our kids to move in there while they attend college. (so that makes us slumlords, right?) ha!   Well it’s spring now….and that requires among other things – mowing the lawn.   Here’s where things get “questionable”.   My husband’s plan? Since it’s ever so close, let’s just have ONE mower. Yes ONE.   And lets ram that ONE mower in and out of my beautiful new-ish minivan and drive that ONE mower between the two houses so we can mow both properties with ONE mower. Not a big deal – we vacuum out the van once a year whether it needs it or not. And why be so frivolous as to purchase two mowers? Makes MUCH more sense to take the ONE mower and struggle and throw your back out lifting the grass covered oil leaking hole in the clippings bag gas smelling mower into the van. Spend a half an hour driving time to and from which ever house you’re heading to, plus mowing time with the ONE mower. This plan seems ridonkulous and dysfunctional to me. Who does this????   Do you all have ONE mower and cart it around with you? And it’s a PUSH mower for heaven’s sake!   How much can those cost??????   Some of my issues? Well for one… my man will never pull the mower back out of the van. Once it goes in that’s where it will stay. Only seeing the light of day when in use. Then back in the van to live.  Sunday?   “kids – jump on in there – don’t cut yourself on the blade and try not to get “green” on your clothes.” Grocery trip? “honey just stuff them in around the mower – I’ll get all the grass off stuff before we eat it.” Carpool? (like anybody carpools with us anymore – who am I kidding?)

Another issue….before long the hedge clippers and ELECTRIC edger will join the mower and live in my van. Thus adding two dagger blades and about 376 feet of out of control orange cord to flail around in the back of the van. Imagine adding children in Sunday clothes or groceries to THAT mix!

I just don’t feel like my standards are that high here.   We aren’t paying for dorms or apartments for the kids living there – couldn’t my dear delusional spouse take some of that money and use it for another push mower??????   what are your thoughts on this “creative and frugal” (read stupid and cheap) plan of his????

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  1. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    Treat yourself to that second mower for Mother’s Day or avoid the issue and hire a neighbor kid to mow the lawn at the old house!

  2. Connie
    Connie says:

    OMG, I just read your blog. Laughing so hard I am annoying my husband who is sitting next to me. I feel your pain.

  3. DeAnna Bone
    DeAnna Bone says:

    Men are idiots. Granted, not ALL of the time however this is MOST DEFINITELY ONE OF THOSE TIMES. Does he really want you to be driving around daily in you ruined van feeling frustrated, agitated, and just down right ticked off every time you see that stupid thing in your rear view mirror? Isn’t your happiness and sanity worth a couple hundred bucks to him? Not to mention the smell!!! My allergies would be going crazy.

    SONJA HANSEN says:

    What a good laugh. We are in the process of doing some “upgrading” to our 50+ home and even though we have been married 53 years, the give and take issues are still a part of our relationship. I find that some things resolve themselves with just a little bit of time. We are replacing “all” of the flooring in the main floor of our home. That is, until someone decided that the bathroom floors were not worn out yet. I finally decided that it wasn’t worth making an issue of it. However, when the guy came to measure I told him to measure the bathroom floors separately – just in case. Wouldn’t you know, we later discovered a slow leak in a toilet and it became necessary to replace a sizeable piece of the sub floor around the toilet. End of the story, we ordered bathroom flooring when we placed our order a few days ago. No, I did not create the leak! However, the tired old paneling is staying. My husband loves it and I love him more than I hate the paneling! Good men are hard to come by and I want to keep mine as long as I can.

    I think I see where your story will end, it may just take a little while.


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