what in the world????

you know….i feel like i try.   my mom taught me to make my bed every day and i do pretty good at that ….tried to pass that along to my kids who think if they pull up the quilt i will never notice the speed bump size wrinkled mess of the rest of the covers.   my mom taught me to clean as i cook instead of waiting until the end….try to pass that on as i teach my kids to cook but it may be better for all of us just to hire a caterer for the next 12 years.   my mom taught me to sort laundry into color groups and pay attention to the water temp…..i never do that ….i sort into dirty and filthy and i’m pretty sure hot water seems like it would clean yuckies better than cold…so…..BUT – i realize the error of my ways and try to teach my children to reach higher in their quest for clean panties.  hee hee  my mom taught me to clean the potties once a month whether they need them or not = bah ha ha – just kidding.  trying to teach my children that this should be done almost daily.  my mom taught me to lay out my clothes the night before so i know they are clean and my morning is more relaxed.  i will be happy if i can just teach my children how to LOCATE the clothes – clean can come later.    i know that i feel better/think better/create better/interact with others better when things around me are tidy and organized….i feel more peaceful.  don’t always achieve this lofty goal but i’m trying to teach my children that “cleanliness is next to Godliness”.  i try….i really do.   so imagine my surprise as i entered the screen porch area that we have turned into a tv room (granted….the walls are a “rough-ish” type beadboard – but very cool looking) and found SOMEONE’S SOCKS like this……

photographic proof that i do not make these things up!!!……..

yes – that is the WINDOW to the left.  yes – the socks are STUCK TO THE WALL!  what in the world?????   i find myself trying to decide if i should #1… check into a mental facility as i realize their interpretation of “please don’t throw your sock down in here anymore guys”  or #2….be grateful for children who find such creative ways to obey.    what i REALLY need to do is get my mom down here PRONTO to whip this crew into shape  – haha!


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