where do they get it??

so…..i’m not saying i’m a genius…..but i’m no dummy either.  i spent several years in college majoring in music after graduating from high school….so i got me some secondary education.  so why, i ask you, does it seem to occur to me almost daily, that my dear offspring might need a little “extra” help??  let me share a couple of examples……

first one….christmas time…..gift giving…..time to wrap presents!  now i will have to share that my very first job was wrapping christmas gifts for shoppers in a big department store at the mall.  in order to secure said job, i had to wrap a gift as the store managers all watched.   and it had to be lovely.  it was!  and i got the job and was, i must say, quite fabulous at it!   so imagine my, um…..shock? as my dear son handed me this gift on christmas day.   wrapped it himself!   three guesses as to what it is……

how many of you guessed that my handsome little man gave me a baked potato for christmas??  i must admit that was my first thought…..but no….despite the tedious attention to detail as he was wrapping…in aluminum foil????….the gift was….sunglasses!  (did ANY of you get that right?)

moving along to just this week and a trip out to dinner with two of my girls.   let me preface THIS one with the following….. my mother has wonderful table manners and a lovely way of making a meal an “event”.  real cloth napkins, no paper plates, beautiful centerpieces, fun and unique serving dishes, and a relaxed way of making you WANT to use your very best manners.  i dont always live up to her standards (can you say paper plates and pizza boxes?) but i try.  so i am thrilled that the manners and loving way of serving eachother has been passed to another generation when one of my daughters (and i told megan i wouldn’t use her name here so that’s why i said “one of my daughers”) offered to fill my diet coke cup at the restaurant.   oh how thoughtful of her!  how loving and selfless!  my mother would be so proud!   and then i walked back to our table and caught a glimpse of my cup sitting on the table…..what the ??????

How long must it have taken to spear my straw with two toothpicks??? And how do I explain to my friends that I got a splinter drinking my diet coke???

And lastly….we are a church going family. At the risk of offending anyone who does not, I will share that we’ve taught our kids that Christian values are something thats important to us. We’ve taught them to be selfless and giving, to reach out to others and work hard and say their prayers. So, again, imagine my pride and gratitude the week I was sick not long ago and tom said he would be taking the family to church on his own. Well, by the time I “adjusted” Emma’s hairdo, and helped my son find a tie that at least had one color in common with the rest of what he was wearing, they were running a wee bit late….but I still felt a sense of joy and love as I watched them drive off to bond and worship together. And then….later that evening, I picked up my iPad. Hmmmmmm…..seems that they decided to spend the meeting time in the foyer…..and with the camera app that cracks them all up. None of them could tell me what the topic of the meeting was…but I must admit that church made them happy that day.

Bottom line? Life is pretty wonderful!!!!! My 13 year old son bought me a Christmas gift and took the time to wrap it. My girls still go out in public with me and spending time together is awesome and fun. And I’m pretty sure everyone should enjoy church time as much as my kids did that particular Sunday. Lets hope 2013 is as fabulous!!!!

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