where have i gone wrong?????

so last week we had the electrical panel in our home updated/replaced/renewed/reworked/revamped…fixed.  allowed us to get rid of about 14 big orange extension cords snaking thru the house.  ha!  only kidding dad!  we would NEVER do anything that risky or dangerous. =D   so the guy spends about 7 hours at the house – no joke – and totally rips out tons of “not to code” wiring and replaces it all with “closer to code” wiring  – ha!  only kidding dad – we did it right!  when the kids get home from school he is STILL working.  and we are going on about the 6th hour of no electricity in our home.  we tell the kids not to open the fridge…..lets all the remaining “cold” out…..we tell them not to try watch tv – won’t work….and  we explain that the lap tops aren’t working…..and then I try to convince them that the only thing you can really do when there is no power is clean your room – but no one really bought that story.  well after about 45 minutes, katie comes BOUNCING into our bedroom  (and no…tom and i were NOT doing one of the only OTHER things you can do when the power is out = tee hee) and she demands to know when Mr Electrical Man will be done.  why? we ask.   i need him to leave so i can go to the bathroom.    well, honey….he’s down here and  the bathroom is upstairs.  it’s okay to go ahead and go.           long pause…….       um…you mean i could have gone all this time????    yes sweetie…why is this seeming like a problem?   well…..i have SERIOUSLY had to go ever since BEFORE i got home….but i have been waiting!  why honey?  you mean potties don’t have to have electricity to flush????    at this point i am struggling with how to answer her question without breaking down into a major laughing fit…and i’m also struggling with how to answer her so that i don’t make her feel completely ….uh…..embarrassed.     i end up waiting for a sec till the intense urge to laugh passes and answered with a simple…nope – honey – you are free to go potty anytime!     needless to say, that night i found the following phrase had been typed into the google search bar…..  “how are potties powered?”

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