who knew?????

so i’ve already established that i have fond feelings for diet coke.  it’s my beverage of choice most days.  i love the fizz…..i love the lack of calories….i love the kind they serve at mcdonald’s cause the straws are nice and fat there (so far i have only found one friend who really understands this!).  let’s just say a diet coke makes me happy.   (add chocolate and i’m feeling like that’s pretty much what heaven will be like….no calories in the chocolate of course in heaven….)  anywho….i am running errands with megan today who informs me that diet coke isn’t really one of the food groups….in fact….she alludes to the fact that it may not even be incredibly healthy.  BLASPHEMOUS child!!  as i argue with her she reminds me of a three day weekend not long ago that she feels helps prove her point…..dang it!   we head out of town and end up stopping at a mall to do a little – duh – shopping!….and when we get back in the car we notice that somehow (matthew) someone (matthew) has somehow (matthew) rubbed CHOCOLATE (matthew) on our WINDSHIELD?  (matthew).  to the point that this person ( matthew)  whoever it may be (matthew) has effectively blocked all visibility.  well….no big deal really,..as soon as we beat whoever it could be (matthew) we’ll  just clean it off, right?  uh…nope.  not so easy.  it has now BAKED on and that junk is NOT coming off!  (little side note here…..ever notice how food can do that?  think i already shared this, but tom and i have a plan for the future.   you know how you leave oatmeal or cocoa pebbles on the table overnight?  someone BETTER say yes!….well that stuff is NOT coming off the table the next morning,  you can’t chisel it off!  better just toss the table and get a new one!  so tom and i are building our retirement home out of cocoa pebbles and using oatmeal as the mortar.  that puppy will be INDESTRUCTABLE!!)  so back to the windshield.  we start out like a normal family would by retrieving a water bottle from the van to pour over the baked junk ……which does nothing.   we find a napkin (not in our fast food trash – oh no – not THERE!) and rub a bit….but find that all that is happening is that we are adding FIBERS to the chocolate.  a real mess.   the final solution…..much UNLIKE a normal family at this point, we retrieve a 32oz QT cup with some diet coke in it and pour THAT over the mess.  continuing our downward spiral into “we’ll never ever be normal” we then start scrubbing the spill with a dirty sock someone has found in the van.  (no clue WHO that belongs to (matthew) ).  well …..sure enough….in about 30 seconds the windshield is clean as a whistle.  (are those really all that clean?  don’t whistles get spit in them when you blow on them?)  so megan wants me to think really hard about what must be in a diet coke to dissolve that gunk…..i personally think it was the sock!

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