Will it ever just be easy????

Some days here at Rethunk Junk Enterprises things go really smoothly. And then….there are the other 363 days of the year. Ha! So at my husbands insistence….let me preface this little blog-o-sharing with the following facts….

1. Apple just recently launched their new “apple maps app” that didn’t get you to your destination and actually relocated the Washington monument…among other issues.
2. NASA has had quite a few issues….including a Mars orbiter built in 1999. Lockheed Martin engineers used the ENGLISH system of measurement while the rest of the team used METRIC. Consequently the orbiter was lost in space and cost NASA $125 million!

So now that we have established that there are other companies out there that have some occasional struggles…..let me share a little about our last week. We had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Atlanta Home Show this last weekend. Fabulous! Well it came up kind of suddenly so we had to meet a few deadlines. Let’s start with assignment number one. I informed my ever so helpful spouse that what we really needed was a slide show of our paint line and the before and after shots showing what amazing transformations could be achieved with said products. Simple, right? So I go on our Facebook page and ask everyone to send me some pictures of their fabulous pieces. (let me just say that this is the part of the process that went amazingly well….i got sooooo many beautiful pictures and am so grateful to everyone who took the time to send those!!!) so I work for a while and put together a top notch impressive as all get out power point slide show for the Home Show. I hand my lap top to my spouse and say ‘Ta Da!” and wait for the praise to start rolling my way. Um. Nope. What I get is this…. “How long did you work on this thing? Wish you had asked me….you know the TV won’t be able to read a Power Point. This won’t work at all.” Ok. I’m sure he’s right. Computer stuff is not my forte’. So….still cheerful…I ask what we can do to remedy the wee issue. “I know” (I say) “ let’s put it on a flash drive and put that in the tv” (I’m such a problem solver!) well….somehow when OUR family copies a power point from my computer to a flash drive it makes two copies of each photo….one that is stunning and one that is a gray screen with a bunch of nonsense lettering on it. Hmmmmm…..not good. Not good at all. So….we copy the power point from my computer (a blessing from the heavens MAC) to the family computer (a lesser blessing ordinary laptop) and THEN copy it to a flash drive. This somehow gets rid of the extra copy of the photo. GREAT! I thinkg we are done…..i will return to the end of this little project near the end of my rant….i mean blog.

Project number 2 is to complete some brochures we can pass out to the hundreds upon thousands of people who will be awestruck by our product and want more information. Again….i got this! I had previously spent a mere three weeks solid designing a tri fold brochure that was average at best – ha! But I was proud of it. Well…..it was not acceptable to my spouse because – horror of all horrors – I had put a green background on it – and we all know that there is no way in heaven to run a profitable business if you carelessly toss money away on things like ink for the printer. (notice that I referenced ink for the computer – already knowing that my ever cost conscious husband would never even CONSIDER springing for professional printing services). Well…this time I sweetly told him where to put the brochure so he could most definitely locate it at a later time – and assigned him to take care of reworking it. (translation….i am done!) well…..he does rework it….THE MORNING OF THE SHOW…. (although I gotta admit he comes up with something pretty cool – a little WHITE on the background but cool) ha! and starts the printing process. I am suppose to be delivering these as he puts the paper in the printer. So I am NOT amused as the printer starts making a strange noise and refuses to print. REALLY????? Long story short (are you thinking “too late for that!”?) my brochures will not print.

So …. The morning of the Atlanta Home Show here is what I deliver to Julie…..

Eight brochures. Yes eight. I told her to just pick eight wealthy artistic influential looking people and pass them out.

And a flash drive….to go in a tv we took over….that has no remote. Her instructions are to push all the buttons on the side until she figures out which one will start the slide show. And then since we have no clue how to loop the thing…she will indeed have to restart it every 8 minutes or so during the 10 hours of the show. That’s only 75 times she will need to hit the buttons and find out which one (without a remote) will start the show. She is extremely bright so I am guessing by about start number 43 she will know EXACTLY which buttons to push.


No….none of this cost us $125 million like the NASA mistake….. and unlike the Apple Maps flop, millions of people will not know about our little issues…..but I wonder……will it ever be easy and smooth???? Ever?????

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