THOROUGH airport security check

My dad is having some serious health issues so I flew from Georgia to Kentucky to help care for him for a bit.  In an attempt to smile during this stressful time I am sharing the following little experience I had at the airport today.
I just went thru security at the airport and um….set off alerts. “ma’am -you have set off security alerts. Could you step over here?”   What???   “If you’ll look at this diagram it shows you the problem areas”.  WHAT????   I look at the electronic silhouette of a person and see a red box indicating the problem areas on the front view and back view of the form.  Uh…those red boxes are right where my private and personal parts are.   EXCUSE ME??? That requires a whole different kind of pat down. For real. I feel ashamed and violated.
So they found a woman to do it. She asked if I wanted a private room. That should have been a red flag right there. Hind site is 20/20. I should have said “you bet I do” on THAT one! She then tells me …THEN tells me …that she will be patting down my “groin area”  in the front and back.  . At this point I feel like asking for the private room AND a witness! But it’s too late. She informs me she will be moving her hands up my thighs to the “point of resistance” ( never heard it called that before). AND SHE DID.
then she asked me to turn around.  She explained that she would only use the back of her hand for this exam.  I probably should have…but I couldn’t make myself thank her for her kindness.

Ironically-I was just telling Tom how I never fit in at the airport since I don’t wear painted on leggings. Well when questioned about why my totally innocent lady bits would have set off alarms she told me my pants may be too baggy. really????   So I will either be traveling home in some newly purchased skin tight leggings … or my daughter suggested just nixing pants altogether…seems they’re just too much trouble!!