Is our label a little crooked? GREAT! (Back to that in a minute….)

I’m Laura – and painting furniture is my passion! It makes me happy to take something ordinary and make it something extraordinary! Painting I LOVE….but sanding and priming and waxing?? Not so much….

So I began using products on the market that don’t require sanding or priming. Well…lots of those products were difficult to use – and pricey. So, I asked my husband Tom for help. He owned a chemical company for six years and after lots of trial and error, he did indeed come up with something I didn’t throw over the back fence. A fabulous product. Something easy to use with professional results no matter what your level of experience. I fell in love! (with both the paint and my man! HA!)

Then I said to my dear spouse – great! If you can do this, then make something that doesn’t require waxing…that doesn’t require special brushes…that dries in a heartbeat…and that’s low VOC and sticks to almost everything. Something that a stay at home mom can use to create a beautiful piece of furniture while the kids are napping….and he DID!

We now have a full product line – made here in the USA! We do our own manufacturing – no ordering from some other company – so we can continue to improve as technology improves.

And I LOVE that it’s a “family farm”! Which takes me back to the labels…. Label a little crooked?? GREAT!!! That means that one of our five children probably helped with that packaging. As you paint, our kids are most likely at the warehouse laughing together and helping make Rethunk Junk by Laura more fun than we ever dreamed possible!

From Our Family…..

Tom, Laura, Lindsey, Megan, Katie, Matthew, and Emma

To Yours….

Happy Rethunking!

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