Tips for a Successful Project

Prep your Piece

Spray the Prep onto your furniture piece or your cabinets. Let it sit for 3-4 minutes. Then take a clean cloth and wipe it down. No rinsing necessary. If the piece is super shiny it’s a great idea to wipe it down with a green scrubby pad and then prep again with a clean cloth.

How do you know if you “prepped” correctly? This is a super important step….the Prep replaces the need to sand so you want to do it right. You can actually SEE the shine reduced – or gone completely – when you have prepped correctly. You can also feel a slightly sticky feeling and the rag will kinda drag. THAT’S how you know if you have prepped correctly.

Lets Paint

Once you’re finished Prepping, you can start painting!  The first coat won’t look pretty 🙂 This coat is your bonding coat – don’t make it too thick… it will dry quickly and adhere fabulously.