We’re getting there – but not without some bumps in the road. Let me hit the high points….

  1. I HAVE NEVER BEEN AS HOT IN MY LIFE!!!!  This is seriously crazy!  If you look up the weather for Millen, GA there are no words….just little pictures of flames pop up.   90-100 degrees every day with 173-294 percent humidity.   I’m thinking a GREAT job here would be testing deodorant. Our family has already discovered several brands we will be discarding. And lets just review the areas where the A/C is out.  My office. My pretend bedroom till my real one is finished.  And the kitchen,  Pretty much everywhere I need to be!

2. I HAD NO IDEA WOLF SPIDERS WERE ALMOST THE SIZE OF A WOLF!!! According to the interwebs, they violently hunt down their prey in the night using their strong bodies and sharp eyesight.  This puts me at a great disadvantage since – at night – heck during the day too – I am not what one would classify as a “strong body” and my eyesight has been declining for a while now. My sluggish oversized mass looking frantically for a shoe is no match for the huge wolf spider watching me with his sharp eyesight. Did you know that their eyes are so freaky that wolf spiders are easier to find at night because their eyes shine….is that demonic or what???? Oh, in the end, I won – but it was only due to adrenaline created by incredible amounts of fear.

3.  And speaking of great amounts of fear…. here is my third little bump in the road.  This is a little teaser photo…. bet you can’t guess what it is – or how it got this way!  I went outside last night to get the rest of the groceries from my vehicle.  It was dusk….and as I walked out the back door I saw a black shape fly super close to me. As we have previously established….I am not a “sprinter” and so as I was thinking “what the heck” and turning back for the door, the black shape had time to do a U-turn and land – top speed – in my hair.  I about DIED!!!  Took me about 5 seconds to realize this was a BAT!  A nasty little bat was stuck in my hair!!  (apparently this property attracts things that fly…click here to read about our vulture adventure.)

Let me just list the things that do NOT work to get a bat out of one’s hair.

1.   Screaming.   I know bats have eyesight issues – I now firmly believe that they also have some hearing issues.

2.   Running around in circles.  For those of you thinking of trying this…it just makes them grab on harder with their little bat claws and flap their wings. – which adds a whole new level of horror.

3.  Silent prayer.   While I know He is there and He loves me, I think maybe there are some things He likes us to work out on our own.

So I resorted to the only thing I had left….I reached up and grabbed him… probably created a bald spot but I refuse to look….and yanked him out of my hair and flung him as far away from me as I could.

Lessons learned?   I will not be going out at dusk.   I will be wearing a hat anytime after 7:00pm – or maybe strapping a fake owl to my head…. and lastly – a bat in your hair produces more volume and lift than any hair product ever produced.