Turn your bedroom into an oasis of relaxation

Whether it's time to update a well-loved family heirloom or just refresh your tired & outdated furniture, Rethunk Junk™ can help. Select the perfect color and transform your bedroom in a weekend!

  • The Basics

    The average dresser can be Rethunk'd with just a few basics. Start by cleaning well with our Prep. Then paint with your favorite color to achieve desired coverage - typically 2-3 coats. Tuff Top is optional - if you want your piece to be extra tough on top. That's it! Keep it simple and grab all you need in our Getting Started Bundle.

  • Get Fancy

    If your bedroom furniture is ornate and you want a more custom look, you can achieve that with Rethunk Junk. This look was created by cleaning with our Prep and then painting with Gray Mist and Oyster. Once dry, we simply distressed the carved details then applied our Antique Brown Glaze to pop the contours. As a final step, you can seal the top with Tuff Top for added protection or maybe add a Wash for protection + added dimension. So simple but totally fabulous.

  • Two-Toned Finishes

    The 2-toned finish is a popular choice for dressers and side tables and Rethunk Junk makes this look so simple - no messy sanding required. Just paint the body of your piece with your selected paint color, then use our Stain Top to create a deep, rich wood finish on the top without stripping the previous finish. Stain Top offers a transparent finish to allow wood grain to show through while refreshing the wood finish like new. Snag the tools for this project in the Paint & Stain Top Project Bundle.

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