Say "Welcome" with a freshly painted front door!

With Rethunk Junk™, a simple project like a front door refresh is so fun and fast! With 45 colors to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect color to greet your family & friends!

  • Step 1 - Prep

    Prepping is the first and most important step for every successful paint project. With Rethunk Junk™, it's so easy! No sanding or priming needed - simply clean with our PREP. Since front doors can be dusty and a bit grimy, be sure to spray it down well and wipe thoroughly - then repeat. Once you're sure it's thoroughly clean, you're ready to paint!

  • Step 2 - Paint

    Choose your favorite color from our collection of 45 fabulous, self-leveling, quick-drying colors. Apply the paint to your door using a soft-bristle brush - we love the Wooster Shortcut Brush. Allow the first coat to fully dry, usually 30-45 minutes, then apply additional coats to reach desired coverage. Allow to dry well before closing.


    We recommend painting doors on days with temperatures above 55 degrees and below 85 degrees. Our paint is self-leveling, but a continuous-mist spray water bottle comes in handy to encourage the leveling - especially on a breezy or warm day. Oh, and one more thing...don't forget the Miracle Brush for painting all those trim details!

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Still have questions?

  1. Can I paint my metal or fiberglass door? Yes! Just clean with our Prep & paint.
  2. Do I have to remove the door? Nope. Just clean in place and use our Miracle Brush to trim around hardware. Keep it simple!
  3. Should I seal my door with Tuff Top? Our paint is UV-fade resistant and will seal perfectly without added protection so Tuff Top is not needed. If you want to add a protectant, it's optional.
  4. What if I get tired of the color? Can I repaint? Absolutely! Just clean with the Prep again and move on to your next favorite color.