We bought a school!

Yep. You read that right...

Tom and I bought a school, and in 2020, we moved into that school with the intent of living and running our business in the school. One by one, our kids followed us here (well, all except our oldest, Lindsey) and now ALL of us (and a collection of animals) are living in the school. Let's see if I can list them all - people and pets...Tom, Laura, Megan, Katie, Nik, Teddy, Ellie, Oliver, Dewalt, Sally, Matt, Eliza, Millie, Selah, Patch, Emma, Nugget, and Zoe. Whew! What a house....errrr, school....full! Most days, life here in the compound is happy and fabulous, but between you and me, there are a few days sprinkled in where I feel like 99K square feet isn't big enough. haha. 

Turning the school house into OUR house has been a crazy task....BUT....it's been possible because of Rethunk Junk™. Almost every surface we are using has been covered with RTJ (that's short for Rethunk Junk™ if you're new around here) including walls, floors, doors, bookcases, counters, cabinets, mailboxes, and of course - furniture. It's amazing! Wanna check out some of our projects? Take a peek here:

Look what you can do with a little paint!

Come back soon as we add more updates from our schoolhouse turned home + company headquarters!