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Dark Walnut Stain Top

Dark Walnut Stain Top

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Stain Top is a powerful wood-finish refresher that can brighten and update any worn wood finish WITHOUT SANDING! It offers a transparent finish so the wood grain shows through, just like traditional stain - but without the mess. Just clean the surface with the PREP and apply Stain Top with a brush, using long continuous strokes. Allow to dry; apply additional coats for a deeper finish. You can finish with Tuff Top for added protection, but that is not required.

Dark Walnut Stain Top offers a rich, deep, warm brown finish.

To keep your Stain Top piece looking fresh & new - free of smudges and streaks - use our Everyday & Weekly cleaners to maintain your piece. They work together to repel dust & smudges, keeping your piece looking brand new without a waxy build-up or damage to your finish.

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