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Deep Ocean Furniture and Cabinet Paint - LIMITED RELEASE

Deep Ocean Furniture and Cabinet Paint - LIMITED RELEASE

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SOLD OUT! If you are looking for this color, please email and we will try to find a retailer who is able to ship to you! 

Rethunk Junk's Furniture & Cabinet Resin paint is extremely durable & self-sealing. Just clean your project with our Prep and then paint. It's that simple! No waxing or priming needed! For surfaces that may require extra protection, you can apply our Tuff Top or Flat Top directly over the paint for added protection in places like the kitchen. Our paint is UV-fade resistant so it's excellent for outdoor projects too!

Deep Ocean is making a comeback as a limited release. We know many of you just LOVED this color so we did a fun {small} run of it and when it's sold out, it's gone again! So don't wait to snag up some of it! Deep ocean is a saturated, strongly pigmented shade of blue-green - a cool shade with endless depth and just enough warmth to blend into any color-scheme. Create that breathtaking focal piece with this unique, attention grabbing color!

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