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Farmhouse Navy Furniture and Cabinet Paint

Farmhouse Navy Furniture and Cabinet Paint

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Rethunk Junk's Furniture & Cabinet Resin paint is extremely durable & self-sealing. Just clean your project with our Prep and then paint. It's that simple! No waxing or priming needed! For surfaces that may require extra protection, you can apply our Tuff Top or Flat Top directly over the paint for added protection in places like the kitchen. Our paint is UV-fade resistant so it's excellent for outdoor projects too!

Farmhouse Navy is a true, deep blue. There's no mistaking this navy for a black, but if you want it a bit darker, try adding in some Midnight until you reach the shade of navy that you love. Farmhouse Navy is a show-stopper in a kitchen or on a bathroom vanity.

To keep your Farmhouse Navy piece looking fresh & new - free of smudges and streaks - use our Everyday & Weekly cleaners to maintain your piece. They work together to repel dust & smudges, keeping your piece looking brand new without a waxy build-up or damage to your finish.

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